When it comes to hiring a lawyer to handle your most personal family challenges, you want someone who has seen it before, will tell you the truth, has the drive to get the best outcome, and the experience and confidence to see your bright future beyond the immediate conflict. There is no perfect way of doing things, but there is a right way.

  • Ruling Affirmed Custody Case
    Won bench trial to modify child custody for a father to have sole managing conservatorship with indefinite restricted access for other parent; co-counseled on appeal to have this ruling affirmed, which created landmark case law on child custody modification suits in the State of Texas
  • Won Verdict Child Custody
    Won unanimous jury verdict for a father to be awarded child custody and the right to relocate the child’s primary residence
  • Won Trial Estate Dispute
    Won bench trial involving division of an estate exceeding $100 million
  • Won Trial Estate & Custody Dispute
    Won bench trial for a mother to be awarded primary possession of a child and significantly disproportionate division of community estate
  • Awarded Custody Custody Case
    Won bench trial for a father to be awarded equal time with the child
  • Obtained Custody Custody Dispute
    Obtained child custody on behalf of grandparents
  • Obtained Custody Custody Case
    Obtained child custody on behalf of a father serving in the military
  • Settlements Achieved Relocation Cases
    Achieved several settlements for mothers to be able to relocate with their children outside the State of Texas
  • Favorable Outcomes Divorce
    Achieved several settlements for spouses to receive money upon divorce far more than prenuptial agreement terms, including on one occasion the wife of a famous professional athlete
  • Achieved Directed Verdict Property Claims
    Achieved directed verdict on separate property reimbursement claims
  • Favorable Outcomes Interstate Child Custody
    Prevailed on numerous motions involving matters of interstate child custody and support, including, but not limited to, cases with children or parties in California, Florida, Massachusetts and New York
  • Favorable Outcome Division of Minority Interest
    Represented a client in arbitration involving valuation and division of minority interest in a major professional sports franchise
  • Favorable Settlement Majority Interest
    Achieved disproportionately favorable settlement involving the sale of the majority interest in a closely held business, which sold for over $50 million.