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Jenn Huey


With almost two decades of experience as a paralegal, Jenn Huey has extensive knowledge of the processes surrounding Texas family law. She understands that these procedures can seem both confusing and overwhelming to clients; however, Jenn’s goal is to eliminate confusion or any feeling of being inundated or exhausted that clients may have.

While clients at Epstein Family Law will experience direct and frequent attorney-client communication, Jenn is an additional, reliable liaison. She is devoted to helping clients every step of the way with the goal of measurably reducing their stress. She is committed to swiftly and efficiently handling the questions and requests of clients so their minds can be at ease.

Jenn is also vital to all litigation preparation, including drafting necessary pleadings and discovery, and helping with preparation for all attorney court appearances.

Client Testimonials

  • He KNOWS the LAW and I Definitely Recommended Him

  • Robert Epstein and his team did a great job

  • I strongly recommend Robert and Jordan